Nottingham’s ‘shellebrity’ snail Jeremy has tragically died

    • Nottingham’s ‘one in a million’ snail Jeremy, famous for his left-coiling shell, has tragically passed away.

      After Jeremy was discovered in a compost heap in London he shot to fame for his unique attributes and even made an appearance on BBC One’s Have I Got News For You.

      Sadly for Jeremy, it was not only his shell which was the wrong way round. All of his organs were too – including his genitals.

      This led to an appeal on BBC Radio 4’s Today¬†programme by Dr Angus Davidson, from the University of Nottingham’s School of Life Sciences, to find another lefty that Jeremy could get busy with.

      And guess what?

      So Jeremy is survived by these adorable little kids of his, who were made in a threesome with Lefty from Ipswich and Tomeu, an exotic Spaniard who was flown over to Jeremy from Mallorca.

      R.I.P Jeremy the shellebrity snail.

      Gone but not forgotten.

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      • Matthew Drew

        Matthew is a journalism studies graduate from the University of Sheffield. Born and raised in Notts he's passionate about our city and keen to make sure the whole world knows it!

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