Top 5 things we saw at the Nottingham Beer Festival

    • Sore heads and dry mouths are just two of the completely worthwhile consequences you might feel if you head to the Robin Hood Beer and Cider festival this year.

      Held in the grounds of the castle, the organiser say punters can try any of 1224 beers from 386 different breweries and 294 ciders or perries from 129 producers.

      We went down to the opening night of the festival on Wednesday 11 October to see what all the fuss was about.

      Here are our five favourite things we saw while our vision was intact:

      These hats with an ode to Goose Fair

      This Beatles tribute duet - keeping the line up super up-to-date

      This beard

      This commitment

      The Beer (and cider)

      The festival runs from Wednesday 11 October to Saturday 14 October. You can find more information and buy tickets on the event website.

      Tell us all of your ideas for #Nottingham2023! Maybe we should have a gigantic beer festival to celebrate if we win?


      • Matthew Drew

        Matthew is a journalism studies graduate from the University of Sheffield. Born and raised in Notts he's passionate about our city and keen to make sure the whole world knows it!

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