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DYT is an open platform for 13-25 writers, bloggers, vloggers and content producers to submit their work. The form below allows you to submit an article, blog or post, but you can also submit other formats (such as videos) via email.
Before submitting anything we want to make sure the work you produce is suitable for anyone in the 13-25 age group to read, watch or listen to. Below are some simple guidelines to help you to do that:
  • Be Relevant
    • DYT is for 13-25s and we want the content on our website to be relevant to this demographic.
    • Make something that you yourself would want to read and would inspire people like you to think differently, see another perspective or be entertained.
  • Be Original
    • Celebrate your individuality and tell something nobody has told. We won’t publish work that has been already published or work that recycles other’s work without acknowledgement or syndication.
  • Be Aware
    • DYT is for everyone and we want everything we do to be inclusive to everyone, no matter who they are, where they’re from or how they express themselves.
    • Any content that supports, enforces or incites any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. This includes sexism, racism, LGBTQI+ discrimination or any inciting of hate to any individual.
    • Pieces that discuss the affect or raise awareness of these issues are permitted.

To submit a post – you first need to be signed-up and signed-in to DYT and then simply fill in the form below (apologies it’s not the prettiest thing so far, but it does work, we promise). We’ll then review your post and publish it as soon as possible. You’ll get an email when it’s been approved.