Commission // Join Jack A. G. Britton and Attenborough Arts Centre

    • Cinema Para-Discount. An interactive film night

      Deadline: 11/05/18
      Who it’s for: Artists, performers, theatre people, dance people, comedians, musicians and film lovers!

      Join Jack A. G. Britton and Attenborough Arts Centre to create an immersive experience to interactively enhance a film of your choice.

      What’s Available?

      Jack A. G. Britton is currently working alongside Attenborough Arts Centre on a new event: Cinema Para-Discount. An interactive film night. Artists will create an interactive performance using props, movement, voice, sound lighting, audience participation or multi sensory elements to blur the line between cinema and live performance.

      What’s the Op?


      They are looking for an artist or company in the realm of performance, dance, theatre or immersive experiences to interactively enhance a film of their choice. For the pilot event on the 5th of July 2018. Film suggestions should fit the bill of Summer Blockbuster, whether that’s sci fi classics like the original Blade Runner or animated epics like Pixar’s Up – what could do with these bank breaking beasts of film?

      Terms & Niggly Bits

      -Event will take place 05/07/18 so make sure you are available to be at Attenborough Arts from 1:30 pm
      -You will take part in a Q and A with Me and the audience as the credits roll
      -There will be £300 fee for the selected artist/company
      -You can choose ANY film so don’t hold back
      -Deadline for proposals is midnight on the 11/05/18


      Apply Now: email to receive an application pack.

      Deadline: MIDNIGHT, 11/05/18

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