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Who it’s for: Dancers from the East Midlands

Inspired by Film Noir, this cinematic dance experience tells a tale of betrayal, loneliness and social media stalking.

 In the beginnings of a relationship formed on Facebook, a young man arranges to meet his new partner to no avail. Letting him down time and time again, their only contact has been online and the cigarette they once shared . Another day breaks, another morning nicotine hit but the monotony is broken by the promising sight of three dots bouncing on his screen. A call from his lover drags him away but the doubt that his date will ever arrive begins to play with his mind…
This film calls for backing dancers to create an ethereal presence in the otherwise mundane setting. We are looking for performers that have experience with theatrical movement but are not necessarily dancers. Previous acting experience is preferable but not required. All applicants must be comfortable with smoking a vaporiser with an added possibility of smoking cigarettes on film. Hal Mayer will be auditioning applicants through an intensive workshop playing with the motif of inhalation of smoke and deflating dance.
Please direct all emails to
BIOGRAPHY: Hal Mayer – A Movement Artists from Nottingham, has been producing Theatre pieces for over 3 years. Debuting his work for a project it’s called ‘Xzibit’ he has now performed and been programmed for stages such as the Royal Opera House, The Royal Concert Hall and Sadler’s Wells Theatre. Drawing inspiration from stop motion films and The Theatre of Cruelty his work consist of an amalgamation of artistic disciplines; ranging from Hip Hop Dance to performance art. Hal mayer’s work is heavily narrative focused, choreographing movement after the story has been solidified. This has led to a body of varied work, non-reliant on any one dance Style.
Apply Now – please send your name, age, contact details to and why you would like to get involved in this project


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