Nonsuch Studios: Studio 2

    • Nonsuch Studios: Studio 2

      32a Clarendon Street, Nottingham, NG1 5JD
      What’s it great for? Rehearsals, meetings & photoshoots

      Nonsuch Studios is an artist led space in the heart of Nottingham City Centre perfect for anyone looking for space to rehearse, hold a meeting or workshop.

      What’s Available?

      Back when Nonsuch Studios was The Morrison School of Dancing, Studio 2 was their Tap Studio and although the dancing is no longer permanent this perfectly formed space is the ideal spot for casual events, meetings, networking sessions or fringe-scale rehearsals.

      What’s it good for?

      Studio 2 is perfect for small rehearsals, meetings, workshops and events.

      How to Apply?

      To apply for free space you need to make sure you’ve signed up to DYT, and then fill in the application form at the bottom of this page. You will be asked:

      • Information about you
      • When you want to use the space and for what purpose
      • How many people will be using the space

      We’ll aim to get back to you within 48hrs once we’ve received your application for space and will do everything we can to find a space that matches your needs.

      Terms & Niggly Bits

      When using free space brokered by DYT you will enter an agreement between yourself and the space-holder. It’s important to remember that:

      • The person booking the space must be aged 13-25 at the time of the space use.
      • All space users must be registered with DYT before the space booking can be confirmed.
      • Space users must comply with, and accept the terms of the space holder.
      • DYT acts solely as a space-matching service and is not involved in the space use agreements.

      For more information please see our terms.


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