Where to hide in Nottingham during a zombie apocalypse

    • It’s a question which has plagued us ever since we first left the sea and made the land our home, since neanderthals drew prophecies on cave walls, and since Will Smith was only a rapper with no acting talent to be seen…

      Just where should you hide if a zombie apocalypse hits Nottingham?

      We ask the big questions here – and Nottingham’s twitter population duly supplied the answers.

      Niamh Morritt’s genius answer led the way with this response to our writer:

      Jake Green came up with a sneaky idea. Which shop? That’s the point!

      And Kassie Hopewell invited us all round to hers for an end of days partay:

      So now you know!

      Can you think of any other options? Or maybe you have an idea for Nottingham in 2023? Let us know here!


      • Matthew Drew

        Matthew is a journalism studies graduate from the University of Sheffield. Born and raised in Notts he's passionate about our city and keen to make sure the whole world knows it!

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