Broadway: Making Interactive Art #2 // workshop

    • Broadway: Making Interactive Art #2 // workshop

      Who is it for?  13- 16 year olds

      When is it?  Thursday 9th August 10:00-16:00 at Broadway Cinema

      A beginners-friendly day of learning about the tools and techniques artists use to make exciting, interactive artworks. For aspiring artists aged 13-16. With Near Now and artist/creative technologist Sian Morrell.

      In this one-day workshop you will learn new skills to help create your own interactive art. Learn how artists use technology to make their art with a variety of creative mediums and techniques, including animation, augmented reality and creative coding.

      • Get hands-on with technology.
      • Prototype a new, collaborative piece of interactive art.
      • Show off what you’ve made in Broadway’s Gallery (see below for details).

      Please note: Attendance of ‘Making Interactive Art #1’ is not required to take part in this workshop.

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